A sneak peak

It took me a while and I know it need work, probably majorly since I am well aware I went off the rails, but….Carnival Ink is done. This is the book I’m going to polish till it shines so I can query it to agents. I’m hopeful, but I know it’s not an easy thing I’m undertaking. But since I’m still riding the high of it being done, I thought I’d share a sneak peak of it.

It might not end up sounding exactly like this once it’s all revised and shiny, but i’m pretty proud of this part.

Edith nodded once before closing her eyes. She pictured the sea. The crash of the waves on the beach. The sound as it hit the columns or the pier. How beautiful it was to look out and see forever. In her mind she floated just atop the waves, walking away from the dreary world she lived in. Peace filled her. Edith was awash in it, until a curse from Zora pulled her out of her dreams.

“What did you do? What kind of magic is this?” Zora stood back, her hands at her sides shaking. The needle she had held was on the floor.

“I didn’t do anything. Nothing! I don’t have magic.” Edith sprung from the table and looked down at her arm. When she had pictured the tarot card tattoo was now a arm full of blue. The card was there, Temperance, in all it’s glory, but it was not alone. Her whole arm was covered in swirls and an intricate design. Edith turned her arm this way and that, trying to see any pattern.  


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