Hiya! Sherilyn Putnam, I am. A mom, a writer, a geek. I was with the publisher Booktrope, but now that they have closed I am a self published author. I write children’s, middle grade, and YA books. They most always have a message of “be who you are, not who others think you should be.”

I get tons of inspiration from my two daughters and the chaos they cause, as well as the stories I make up to tell them at bedtime. We live in a small house with one (highly insane) cat and a miniature dachshund (with a Napoleon complex).

sherilynn Here I am. One of my favorite pictures ever taken of me, and played with a bit to hide the fridge behind me. Hope you guys appreciate it. I am so not a fan of pictures of myself.

This here is Hilda. She’s was my avatar for a while.  I hope you enjoyed Hilda. She was drawn specifically to be used by me, by my amazing Mother in Law.



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