falling into the world of Studio Ghibli

When you don’t know what to blog about and you have Kiki’s Delivery Service on in the background, animated movies seem like a fun topic to discuss.  I love animated movies. As an adult I feel no shame in this, as some of the best movies I’ve ever watched are animated. I’m looking at you Disney’s Robin Hood and another personal favorite, Jack and The Cuckoo Clock Heart.

Now aside from Disney, I find Studio Ghibli to be the most consistently awesome for movies. (and yes I know Disney distributes them in america) I’ve not even seen them all, I came to the game very late and started probably in a weird place. The Cat Returns was my first Studio Ghibli movie, given to me by my brother. Then I went out of my way to find My Neighbor Totoro simply because I saw Totoro stuff all over Pinterest and I was intrigued.  When both my girls loved it as much as me, I knew I was on the path to finding all of them that I could. We also found Princess Mononoke which is beautiful even if a bit gross.  Then by sheer luck on my daughters part, we found Kiki’s Delivery Service because she had a stuffed Gigi, the cat that belongs to Kiki, even though we didn’t know that’s where the cat came from. We found it in a bin at the bookstore. And now both my girls love this movie. It has become the, if there is nothing else to do, we watch Kiki’s. My youngest daughter takes our broom and pretends to be Kiki. Albeit a clumsier version.

So, now we’re looking for the rest of the back catalog. I think Howl’s Moving Castle is next. Because, well, castles..So do you watch animated movies? At 9 or 90, they are made to make you smile.