Well then…..

On this past Friday I had all these plans. I was going to send a newsletter (my first one) out about the release of Alien Like Me. It was due to release on April 30th, though in the end it actually came out a week early. But, I didn’t send out a newsletter. I didn’t shout from the roof with joy over my new releases. Why? You may ask… Because Friday, I received an email saying that my publisher would be shutting doors. Yup, one day before my book was due to release (officially) my publisher shuts down. It’s a bit hard to be super excited about a new book when you know it will only be on the shelf for 30 days before being unceremoniously yanked.

It’s also quite ironic really, that on the day after the publisher lets us know they are closing, the day my book was supposed to be being given to the world, my paperbacks showed up in the mail. So, I mean, at least there is that, yes?


I think though, and this may just me being Zen and trying to not freak out, I think I’m gonna be okay. Yes my books may be un-shelved for a while, but I will get them back out there. Self pub seems to be the way to go, and I shall be going that way with gusto. So, be on the lookout. Keep up with me, don’t give up on me, this is not the end. Only the beginning of something new. Something better.

So cheers folks, and if you want to snag a copy of either Alien Like Me or The Dragon Child, you should do it now, you only have until may 31. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get them ready to go back live, but it hopefully won’t be that long.


Rambly, rambling, rambles

Some weeks I have nothing to blog about. Those weeks are not my favorite. I’m supposed to bog, to keep you precious few interested in what I am doing in hopes that you will come to love me and then buy my book. (oppsss am I not supposed to say that?) I think I’m out of love with the idea of blogging, at least this week, so today I’m sort of rambly.

Things I think you should know. Alien Like Me is int he last step before publication!! Woo Hooo!! The tentative release date is Aprils 30 so we’ll have a cover reveal coming soon.

Because of the release of Alien Like Me, I will be putting The Dragon Child on sale, so be on the look out for that. Also, the sequel is all written and will be starting the publication process of that soon, so keep tuned for more news about that.

My goal for this month is to set up a newsletter. So if you’re interested in what will probably be a quarterly newsletter from yours truly, then be sure to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you about it 🙂


It feels like spring in my neck of the woods, so it’s going to get harder and harder for me to stay indoors and keep the writing regular, but I do have two more series I want to work on, so hopefully I can start on them.

Also, I love gummy bears. How about you?


*both images taken from morguefile.com




Book recs?

It’s that time of year. Gift buying time. So what do you buy for a 8 year old girl who devours books as quickly as her Halloween candy stash? MORE BOOKS!!! So, here’s my question. What’s your go to book for the mid grade age (well, some YA as well)? She’s gone through Dahl, and is reading The Warriors series. She’s tried all sorts of dragon books, and Choose Your Own Adventures.  I need something out of the box.  What do you think?




Also, don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win one of two prizes; a gift basket or an Amazon gift card.



I need a magic marketing pill, do you have one?

I write books because I love to. I love the random plot bunnies that dig in and won’t let go until I figure them out. I love to meet new characters. I love to have other people read the things that come out of my imagination. The sticking point on that last one is: I need to sell books.

I have no idea how to do that.

I truly don’t. I feel like marketing and then selling is like wandering in a cave blindfolded. I suck at it. No seriously, I do.

On Black Friday I was part of a promotion I hyped up for like a month. I dropped the price of my book. I sold 3. 3! It makes my head hurt.  I do everything I’m told to do; I tweet, I fb, I blog, I network, yet still I sell no books. I know I could say that I’m the common denominator and maybe my book sucks, but I just can’t accept that. Not yet. So I’m left to wonder just what I’m doing wrong.

It’s not a fun place to be let me tell you.

And now, because well, I’m marketing still, I’m part of this big Rafflecopter giveaway with a small group of fellow authors. It’s a chance at two great prizes, a gift basket full of goodies (signed books, swag, a gift card or two, even some boxers!) or a $60 Amazon gift card. So be sure to click on the word –> Rafflecopter <– and follow the link to enter. The more things you do, the more chances you have!!



**photo credit to morguefile.com

A lovely visit

On friday my dear hubs took me and my youngest on a trip to a new library. Our small town has a tiny, seriously tiny, library.  I love it and the people there, but it does not offer a huge variety, small town budgets and all that. So since my hubs works out of a different county, we had the opportunity to visit this other library.


It was amazing. Huge. New. Clean. And with almost a full level set up specifically for kids. There was a fish tank. A hamster cage. Two different computer rooms. Three different reading window seats.  I could go on. I wanted to take pictures of it all, but there was a no camera rule. I did manage to sneak one of the inside,


We’re going back this week, since my oldest is off from school for the holiday and she didn’t get to go with us the first time.

I hope that your library is nice, and gives you what you are looking for, but if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to go a little distance. This new library is in Selma, Al a good bit of a drive for us, but it’s totally worth it.


Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

Cover Reveal: Chris Minich

Today I have the great privilege to help with the cover reveal of a fellow UPRush and UPDrift author Chris Minich.


Misadventures of Princess Sydney: Have Parentals, Will Travel is the second book in the Princess Sydney series. Readers call Minich’s writing, “fun-filled,” “insightful and creative,” and “heartwearming.”  If you are between the ages of 8-12, a dog lover, or a kid at heart, this book is for you! You can find Chris’s books on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Misadventures-Princess-Sydney-Parentals-Travel/dp/1513704710/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8) or BarnesandNoble.com (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/misadventures-of-princess-sydney-chris-minich/1122785847?ean=2940151042741)

About the book: “You’ll have a great time,” said the Parentals. But Princess Sydney knows better! America’s favorite crafty cockapoo reluctantly embarks on summer vacation, along with her bumbling brother, Buddy. She expected chaos, but she she never expected to lose her cool when the trip takes an unplanned turn. Silly boy dogs, leftover pizza, and fair maidens are just a few of the bumps along their travels that will keep readers laughing and in love in this second book in the Princess Sydney series. As Sydney would tell you, “Why wouldn’t it?”

About the author: 

Chris Minich is a writer living in Snoqualmie Washington. He enjoys spending time with his wife and their two precocious dogs, Sydney and Buddy. Chris is also a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan. You can find out more about Chris and the Princess Sydney series on his website, www.chrisminich.com, twitter, @cockapoosyd, Instagram, https://instagram.com/cockapoosyd/ or Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cockapoosyd

It’s a sickness really.

Book hoarder. It sounds horrible. It sounds like a sickness, and in a way it is. I like to think that I am not that bad. I prove it to myself when I give away books to the library, when I donate books to a charity sale, but….whenever I give away a book, I just replace it. (Sometimes with more books than I gave away.)

A perfect example. A few weeks back I cleared out my bookshelves. Books I hadn’t read for over a year were given away. But then…then I found out about this bookstore not far away from me where they sell only signed copies. Yup, ONLY SIGNED COPIES!! So of course I had to visit. I mean we were going that way anyway, so what would it hurt to stop by. I mean it’s not like we’re on a crazy tight budget (yes we are), it’s not like our disposable income (see book money) is near zero right now (yes it is…sob). So we stopped by. You can guess where this is going right?






* I

* Bought

* A

* Book

Yup, I bought a book. A book I already have a copy of (see, it is a sickness). A book that was so far out of our budget that I instantly felt guilty about buying it. But…yeah…this is me justifying here, I love this book. It has a special place on my shelf. I am a huge fan of the author. I am huge fan of the story. I am a huge book hoarder. Sigh.

1012151816 1012151817

The only thing that would have made it better was if I had actually gone to a signing and had it signed by him. The man, the myth, the legend (yes I idolize him a bit…okay a LOT) But, you know, I’ll take what I can get.

Guest Post: Adventures with Princess Sydney

On this lovely rainy monday morning I bring you something new. A guest post from a fellow Booktrope UPDrift writer. The community of people I have met through this publisher is amazing, and I love to help spread the news about all the cool people I’m getting to work with. So today a post from Chris Minich a writer of mid grade fiction as well. His books are lovely and written about a dog named Princess Sydney.


There’s Somebody I’m Longing to See


Whoa! Doorbell, I think I heard a doorbell. Mom sent my sis outside but I got lucky and was allowed to stay in. Turning in circles I got so excited, I lost my balance and spun right down to the hardwood floor. Ouchers! “You okay Bud?” my Pops asks me. I bounce right up and lead the way to our front door. Pops and Mom like to have what they call, “company” over to our house. On this day, hmm what day is it? Huh, it’s dark outside. Maybe it’s what my sis calls nighttime. Pops opens the door and little man August is there to greet me. He’s a younger, smaller, human who likes to give me pets on my noggin and high fives to my Pops. His mom and dad also came over and have brought the tiniest human I’ve ever seen. “How is baby Lily,” Pops says. Dude, a baby

Mom let my sis inside and Sydney had to make her rounds saying hi to everyone. She’s big on making friends and ran up to everyone giving licks and hugs to all. It’s like her thing or something. Before everyone sat to eat, the baby ate first. That’s my new favorite word. I think I just got that right. Yes, baby is a word. Sweet! I was mesmer, no that’s not it. I was fixate, hmm doesn’t sound right. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this little person. So tiny and frag-i-le as Pops would say. Mom didn’t even ask me to sit or be a good boy. My bottom was already on the floor and I was watching every move this little person made. When Sydney took the spotlight with one of her tricks I got real close to the little one. Sniff, sniff, what a good smell. Clean and fresh but you know, cleaner and fresher. Pops sure doesn’t smell like this. I could sit here all day. Wait or is it night? I really need to figure this out one of these, well however you judge time and stuff.

Later in the evening, yeah I just got that right. Pops and Mom talked with their company. I kept watch over the baby. She slept in her bright yellow onesie, or is it twosie? Just like a little banana. She was so quiet. Oh no, she started to move from side to side and began to make a high pitched noise. Water ran down from her eyes. I dart over to her mom for assistance. Something isn’t right. Her mom picked up the baby and held her. I sat right next to her. What can I do? How can I help? Her mom told Pops she was teething. I have no idea what this is but the baby kept making noises. Her mom took her to a bedroom to lie down. I went with and sat in the room with the baby. Her mom sang to her while I looked on. The baby stopped crying. Her mom put a blanket over her and rejoined Pops and Mom. Not me

though, I stayed in the room. I’m good at staying. I sat with her for the rest of the night until her mom and dad were ready to go. Hey, it is night. Yes! During the nap, the baby woke up and rolled over looking directly at me. Her tiny hand reached out and squeezed my nose. I must have made a face and she giggled and smiled at me. I didn’t mind, it actually made me feel good. She rolled back over but the blanket slide down to her waist. Using my teeth, I gently pulled the blanket back up and left it just under her chin. Have no fear little angel, the Bud-man is here. She slept for the rest of her stay. I made sure of that.

Get to know Chris by following him on Twitter 🙂


Short and sweet.

Today I’m mainly popping in to say that I think *fingers crossed* that we have a release date set for Dragon Boy, which is really exciting.  We’re aiming for Sept 22nd, which is getting closer everyday, which means, more work to do. We have a cover, and I hope to be doing a cover release soon, and when I do, y’all (my 5 followers) will be the first to see it!

That’s it really for today. It’s a dreary rainy day so I’m trying to get some writing in, and then it’s preparing for launch 🙂

Hope you have a happy Monday.

Writing is good.

I’m a writer. Or at least that is what I call myself. So when the real world butts into my imaginary one and I can’t write, I feel awful. But I am not the kind of writer who can write THROUGH the stress. I have to wait for it to pass and then hope that my muse hasn’t deserted me. And most times, quite luckily, the muse comes backs with a quickness. I never really stop writing though. I’m always plotting, or building worlds in my head, but sometimes when the world starts closing in I stop being able to put it on paper (or computer screen as it were).

This happens more than I would like. In reality I probably only get to write about 15 days out of the month. Between house stuff, kid stuff, and then stress, sometimes spending an hour in front o the computer just isn’t realistic. And sometimes that hour when hard won is spent surfing pinterest for inspiration. I love the idea of the old school writer, spending the days drinking and pounding out words on a type writer (I have no idea why i go straight to Hemingway, i’m not even a fan). But in my reality as a writer, I write a few words then go make popcorn for the kids. Write a few more words then break to play don’t let the balloon touch the floor. Write a few more words then clean out the kitty litter (yep I’m the writer with a house full of cats.and I don’t even like most of them). And so it goes. So when I do get a chance to write, I have to remind myself that any writing is good. So long as I don’t ever stop fighting for that time to get the words that are in my head down.

I’ve been super stressed the past week. Zero writing, until yesterday. Yesterday I amazingly managed to get out an entire story for a picture book. Yet another story I’ll sit on cause I don’t know what to do with it. Here’s a few lines. It’s bittersweet, or as my 7 yr old daughter says, sad.

From all around, bees flocked to the proud privet tree.

Buzzing around in numbers too high to count.

They buzzed and danced among the limbs.

Drinking the nectar from the tiny white buds.

During those months the tree wasn’t lonely.