PitMad madness

If you are not a writer, or not on Twitter, you might not know what Pitmad is. It stands for Pitch Madness and it is a way for un-agented writers to maybe land an agent or publisher. ┬áIn the last two years I have participated in Pitmad 6 or 7 times and it was only this most recent time that I actually got a any hits from agents. You see I’ve been through a small publisher, and it didn’t end well. I’m okay self publishing (even though I suck at marketing) but an agent would hopefully allow me to get a big publisher that would help me be better seen. And that is the dream.

I’m thinking that it appears that maybe pitching a picture book wasn’t in the cards for me, because the pitch I finally got likes on was a middle grade, Carnival Ink. So I have my queries sent out and am waiting to hear back from the two agents who liked my tweets. It’s not guaranteed that either of them will sign me, but I am cautiously optimistic. And I have a plan B, well, I guess it’s plan A, cause my original plan was to query agents with this story anyway.

I believe in this story. I’m proud of my first few forays into middle grade fiction, but I really believe this is my best work. I want people to read. I want people to love it. And I really believe an agent can help me with that. So, if you would, cross your fingers for me that I get good feedback? And since it’s out of my hands for now, time to start on the next story. But which one?