A little tease of Alien Like Me

As I’m getting ready for the actual publishing of Alien Like Me, I thought Id share a tiny taste of it with you. A sweet piece of the story where Max and his new friends decide to keep each other. My hope is to have the book be out by mid to late April. I hope you’re excited for it, cause I am.


He cuddled his new friend who had again fallen asleep. “What do you think huh? You think we can push through and make it to the golden gate?”  Of course the hare didn’t answer Max but it helped him to have someone to talk out his plan with. He never really thought too hard about what it did to him to be alone but he was finding that the little brown ball of fluff made a great companion. He looked down at the hare, and it hit him that he should name it.  Constantly calling it little guy would probably get old quick. He ran his hands down the soft brown fur between his ears and it struck him. Brownie. “I’m going to call you Brownie, how bout that?” He was still asleep and didn’t answer Max but a twitch of his ear had Max smiling. “Brownie it is. Well let’s get ready to walk.”


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