Why I write

This month a few of the writers who are with the same publisher as I am, Booktrope, are doing a sort of media blitz with, #WhyIWrite

I write (2)

See, that there is my mug. It’snot the picture on the back of my book because, well, my hair changes too often for me to have  a new picture for each book. So I picked an old one before playing with my hair became a monthly thing.  But that is an aside, and not at all what this post is about.

#WhyIWrite is a way for us authors of many different genres to talk about why it is we write. Why that genre. Why that kind of story. It’s about giving you a slice of who we are as a person. Now this isn’t the only reason I write. But it is the reason I write mid grade books. I write characters that are not “normal” (by the way I hate that word). I write characters who are flawed and look and act different, they just happen to be kids. Kids who have a lot going for them, no matter if they are not what their society accepts. It sounds a bit heavy handed when I write it out, but I also try to write happy, and funny, maybe that balances it out.

Either way, I’ll keep writing these flawed but awesome characters, and maybe you’ll read one and fall in love with their stories like I have.





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