A lovely visit

On friday my dear hubs took me and my youngest on a trip to a new library. Our small town has a tiny, seriously tiny, library.  I love it and the people there, but it does not offer a huge variety, small town budgets and all that. So since my hubs works out of a different county, we had the opportunity to visit this other library.


It was amazing. Huge. New. Clean. And with almost a full level set up specifically for kids. There was a fish tank. A hamster cage. Two different computer rooms. Three different reading window seats.  I could go on. I wanted to take pictures of it all, but there was a no camera rule. I did manage to sneak one of the inside,


We’re going back this week, since my oldest is off from school for the holiday and she didn’t get to go with us the first time.

I hope that your library is nice, and gives you what you are looking for, but if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to go a little distance. This new library is in Selma, Al a good bit of a drive for us, but it’s totally worth it.


Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!


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