War Witch Cover Reveal

So I am a terrible friend. Yesterday my good friend and fellow author Cain S. Latrani had a cover reveal for his first book through Booktrope, Rise: War Witch, and I totally spaced and forgot to participate.  So here is me, being late in my attempt to help.

The cover is gorgeous, and I can’t wait to read the book. I’m being stubborn and waiting to have a physical copy in my hands.


Gorgeous yes?  Here’s the back cover blurb, and if that doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what will.

In the war between Heaven and Hell, mortals are the weapons. Granted Divine Power, the Blessed are agents of the Gods, seeking out the Demon Seed and showing them no mercy in an endless war for the fate of creation.

For one such Blessed, Ramora, the mute warrior priestess of the God of War, to save the Middle World means hunting down the Dark Blessed who took everything from her. A fierce, strong, and clever Cleric, backed by a lost art of magic, she foolishly believes herself ready for the battles to come.

By her side, Chara, a young farm girl with an unusually agile mind, and a fate that may yet destroy her as she is groomed by Heaven itself to be a weapon like none other. Her illusions of herself, and the nature of the world, will be stripped away as she faces absolute evil with nothing but her desire to stand firm.

Together, they will challenge Hell, and the most fearsome foe the world has ever seen. 

Anyway, I hope his interests you.  I hope you go out and buy it. I hope you love it. I know I will.


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