Be weird. Be fabulous. Be you.

Over the weekend I saw two separate posts, one written by my lovely friend Keisha Page, and another that featured the photo of Gwen Stefani, but the both of them were telling me the same thing. BE YOU. Even if you is the weird mom. Even if you is the fangirling kid. Or even better, even if you are the weird mom to the fangirling kid who is just now stepping into her own weirdness. I’ve talked before on this blog about how important it is to me that you are yourself. Most of the stories I write for kids have that same message, it’s that important to me. I came to it a little bit later in life. I had to hit 30 before I finally realized that pretending to be the “normal” that I thought I needed to be just wasn’t working for me. So I became my “normal” which is more like “weird.” And I am using those silly quotation marks because both those words are really, and I mean REALLY, subjective.

I embrace my weirdness. I mean, I don’t see it as weird, though society might. But on the whole, I care not what society thinks of me. I care what my daughters think of me. And my daughters see me as: silly, nerdy, different, CONFIDENT, smart, passionate, and slightly crazy. But more importantly, they see me as a person who is herself, who doesn’t follow the straight and narrow just because she is supposed to. And that is what I want for my daughters. Because as much as I don’t want to place the blame of all the worlds problems on our society (because really what would that solve), our society thinks it knows everything. It has definite ideas about what is normal, what is pretty, what is a girl thing. And man do I dislike that crap…….

So, if you’re nerdy then own it. If you’re smart then own it. If you’d rather have green hair then brown, OWN IT! Teach the younger generation what it means to BE YOU.

**featured image is me, trying to not get suffocated by my daughter’s stuffed animals. They think it’s funny. I think it’s parricide.


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