It’s a sickness really.

Book hoarder. It sounds horrible. It sounds like a sickness, and in a way it is. I like to think that I am not that bad. I prove it to myself when I give away books to the library, when I donate books to a charity sale, but….whenever I give away a book, I just replace it. (Sometimes with more books than I gave away.)

A perfect example. A few weeks back I cleared out my bookshelves. Books I hadn’t read for over a year were given away. But then…then I found out about this bookstore not far away from me where they sell only signed copies. Yup, ONLY SIGNED COPIES!! So of course I had to visit. I mean we were going that way anyway, so what would it hurt to stop by. I mean it’s not like we’re on a crazy tight budget (yes we are), it’s not like our disposable income (see book money) is near zero right now (yes it is…sob). So we stopped by. You can guess where this is going right?






* I

* Bought

* A

* Book

Yup, I bought a book. A book I already have a copy of (see, it is a sickness). A book that was so far out of our budget that I instantly felt guilty about buying it. But…yeah…this is me justifying here, I love this book. It has a special place on my shelf. I am a huge fan of the author. I am huge fan of the story. I am a huge book hoarder. Sigh.

1012151816 1012151817

The only thing that would have made it better was if I had actually gone to a signing and had it signed by him. The man, the myth, the legend (yes I idolize him a bit…okay a LOT) But, you know, I’ll take what I can get.


4 thoughts on “It’s a sickness really.

  1. Okay, maybe you can explain this to me: Why do you and other people get so excited about a signed book?? I’m a huge bookworm, but when I get offers to send me signed copies, I’m decidedly “meh” about it. I like the stories, but the signature adds nothing to it for me, and I just don’t get the appeal. Is it a money thing? Are they legit worth more if you go to sell them? I’m only asking because someone, one day, will give me an answer instead of just looking at me like I’m strange!


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