Happy Mad Hatter Day!

I am a day late for my normal #mondayblogs but I think it was meant to be, I truly do. Because yesterday wasn’t Mad Hatter day, though in a way it was for my alter ego (the main name I write under). However, today will be #tuesdayblogs for me, and I’m cool with that. Any time I get to wax poetic about my love for this book, the amazing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is a happy day. You see, I am a full on Alice fangirl. I love this book. It is without a doubt, my FAVORITE book of all time. I know people think I’m crazy for even being able to pick a favorite, but I can and I have, since I read it ages and ages ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about it here before, that is how much I love it. I have like 5 copies of it, that’s how much I love it. Seriously, do you get how much I love it yet?

And of all the characters in the book(s), my favorite has always been the Mad Hatter. He was always so silly when I was a child, and as an adult, I fully understand the madness.  For years now, I’ve been using him as a yardstick for all other characters. When I was a child he was my first book boyfriend, way before I even knew that was a thing. The book, and him, were what inspired me to be a writer. My whole life I wanted to write a character as cool as Hatter, in a story that would be as loved as Alice. I’m even going so far as to have a scene from the book tattooed on me, that is how important it is to me. It has and always will be a part of my journey as a reader and now as a writer.

So Happy Mad Hatter Day. Hope you fit a bit of tea into your day, I think I’ll put on the movie and have a tea party with my youngest today.


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