Guest Post: Adventures with Princess Sydney

On this lovely rainy monday morning I bring you something new. A guest post from a fellow Booktrope UPDrift writer. The community of people I have met through this publisher is amazing, and I love to help spread the news about all the cool people I’m getting to work with. So today a post from Chris Minich a writer of mid grade fiction as well. His books are lovely and written about a dog named Princess Sydney.


There’s Somebody I’m Longing to See


Whoa! Doorbell, I think I heard a doorbell. Mom sent my sis outside but I got lucky and was allowed to stay in. Turning in circles I got so excited, I lost my balance and spun right down to the hardwood floor. Ouchers! “You okay Bud?” my Pops asks me. I bounce right up and lead the way to our front door. Pops and Mom like to have what they call, “company” over to our house. On this day, hmm what day is it? Huh, it’s dark outside. Maybe it’s what my sis calls nighttime. Pops opens the door and little man August is there to greet me. He’s a younger, smaller, human who likes to give me pets on my noggin and high fives to my Pops. His mom and dad also came over and have brought the tiniest human I’ve ever seen. “How is baby Lily,” Pops says. Dude, a baby

Mom let my sis inside and Sydney had to make her rounds saying hi to everyone. She’s big on making friends and ran up to everyone giving licks and hugs to all. It’s like her thing or something. Before everyone sat to eat, the baby ate first. That’s my new favorite word. I think I just got that right. Yes, baby is a word. Sweet! I was mesmer, no that’s not it. I was fixate, hmm doesn’t sound right. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this little person. So tiny and frag-i-le as Pops would say. Mom didn’t even ask me to sit or be a good boy. My bottom was already on the floor and I was watching every move this little person made. When Sydney took the spotlight with one of her tricks I got real close to the little one. Sniff, sniff, what a good smell. Clean and fresh but you know, cleaner and fresher. Pops sure doesn’t smell like this. I could sit here all day. Wait or is it night? I really need to figure this out one of these, well however you judge time and stuff.

Later in the evening, yeah I just got that right. Pops and Mom talked with their company. I kept watch over the baby. She slept in her bright yellow onesie, or is it twosie? Just like a little banana. She was so quiet. Oh no, she started to move from side to side and began to make a high pitched noise. Water ran down from her eyes. I dart over to her mom for assistance. Something isn’t right. Her mom picked up the baby and held her. I sat right next to her. What can I do? How can I help? Her mom told Pops she was teething. I have no idea what this is but the baby kept making noises. Her mom took her to a bedroom to lie down. I went with and sat in the room with the baby. Her mom sang to her while I looked on. The baby stopped crying. Her mom put a blanket over her and rejoined Pops and Mom. Not me

though, I stayed in the room. I’m good at staying. I sat with her for the rest of the night until her mom and dad were ready to go. Hey, it is night. Yes! During the nap, the baby woke up and rolled over looking directly at me. Her tiny hand reached out and squeezed my nose. I must have made a face and she giggled and smiled at me. I didn’t mind, it actually made me feel good. She rolled back over but the blanket slide down to her waist. Using my teeth, I gently pulled the blanket back up and left it just under her chin. Have no fear little angel, the Bud-man is here. She slept for the rest of her stay. I made sure of that.

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Adventures with Princess Sydney

  1. I can really imagine those thoughts rushing through Buddy’s mind! I love how Buddy loves Lily. My favorite part is this: “Mom didn’t even ask me to sit or be a good boy. My bottom was already on the floor and I was watching every move this little person made.”

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