Ugh Monday, Right?

We all do it. We all beat down Monday as if it was the worst thing to ever come along. I did it myself not 20 min ago when while driving my oldest daughter to school, I spilled coffee all over my leg. My immediate reaction was sadly not, “dang it sheri you should have grabbed the travel mug” it was, “ugh freaking Monday strikes again.  Why is that? Why do we blame everything that is bad on Monday? Even when we have a bad day on Tuesday or Wednesday we call it Monday part 2. Heck even my dog hides when Monday rolls around.

Poor Monday has become the proverbial red headed step child (don’t get me started on that phrase, I have a red headed daughter) of the week. And I for one am going to stop it. Well, not for everyone you see, but for me. No more Monday blues. It doesn’t add to my life in any way, it doesn’t make me feel better to curse the universe for landing Monday so close to the weekend, thus making it the enemy of those who’d rather lay about the couch then get up and make the 5 min drive to the school. So from now on, I will not be hating on Monday. I am grateful I woke up this morning, that my family woke up, that there was enough gas to get my daughter to school, that I was able to drink the majority of my coffee (before it landed in my lap). Some people only voice being grateful around holidays, or if they luck out of bad things happening, I am going to practice being grateful for the small every day things. So today, I am grateful for Monday. (Although Ash the doxie is till hating on Mondays)

(photo credit: me)


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