Inspiration comes in many forms.

A dragonfly on the creek, a dragon game my kid plays, the way the sunlight filters through the trees in my backyard, inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes it hits me over the head like that azure dragonfly did last week, and sometimes it’s a slow burn and I don’t realize the seed has even been planted.  Either way it happens, I am grateful for it.

I’ve not yet been asked where I get my ideas from, though I can’t wait for someone to ask. Cause then I can tell them the story of how we picked blackberries one year and I got attacked by bees. That is totally going into a story. Or how watching clouds one day with my kids I got an idea about little sprites living in the clouds. That story is written and waiting to be used, somehow.

It’s funny to me how writers, and any other artist really, see the world in a totally different place. Where one person sees a sunflower bent at the stalk, an artist sees it through their medium. I want to write about how that stalk is bent, a cartoonist may draw the troop of ants that walked up it and then fell when it’s strength wouldn’t hold their weight. Inspiration is a funny, but beautiful thing. And every day I am grateful that I have it in my life. Writing would be so boring if I couldn’t pull random things from my world into the worlds I write 🙂


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