Video Games For The Win.

I live in a video game fueled house. It’s true that we live in a digital age, and I’m fairly certain my family takes advantage of that. And here is why I don’t mind. It is true I sometimes wish we were raising our kids in a neighborhood like I grew up in, but we’re not and that is okay. Again, here is why. Pop culture, the digital age, all the electronics that people tell me my kids spend too much time on, well they are enriching my children’s life. And I don’t care if you don’t believe me.

In our house we have two phones (adults) two computers, one sad old tablet (nook), a PS3 and a PS4. And despite all that, I still have healthy active kids. How is that possible you ask? Isn’t all that electronics killing their little souls? No. No it’s not. And I’m actually quite sick of people saying it is. My kid play outside. They run. The play in the creek. They pick wild blackberries, and cultivated blueberries. They climb trees. They use their imagination to make me soup out of leaves (uh..yum?) and then when they are tired and worn out, they come inside and kill Orcs. I touched on it a little last week, but my oldest is a natural video game player. Seriously, at 7 she is amazing. Which means she is a great problem solver. And a pretty brilliant strategist, as well as an accomplished engineer. I thank Lego Hobbit, Skylanders and Minecraft for that. She’s also highly empathetic which comes across when she plays Ori and The Blind Forest.

My youngest is 3 and is learning to read on ABC mouse. I’m not saying I couldn’t teach her without my computer, I could, but this is helping and she loves it. She’s engaged. She doesn’t lose her interest as easily as she did when it was just her and me and a book. But here’s the thing, despite all the electronics. My girls are still book girls. Oldest reads a bedtime story to her sister every night. At any given point I can walk into the playroom and find them curled up on the giant poof looking at books together. So if this is true for my kids, and most likely other kids as well, why is there so much hate for video games? Β At what point did it become: video games are the most evil thing in the world, and if you let your kids play them too much it makes them stupid? I seriously don’t understand. If you have an answer for me, I’ll be killing Orcs with my oldest πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Video Games For The Win.

  1. I don’t understand it either.
    I learned English (a second language) mostly from video games. I learned how to problem solve and I exercised my patience (going through the same map over and over again, because I kept losing). I learned how to think “outside the box”. I learned how to come up with a solution on the go. I’m 34 and I drove a car once in my life: I’ve been shown how to operate it, and then I was driving 40mph on a bumpy and curly road, because holding the wheel felt just like holding PS3 controller – and if I ever get around to passing a driving test, I’m sure I’ll be ok driving. Because video games.
    I’m glad to read that you don’t join the bandwagon of “video games are evil” (or “for no-lifers”). Your girls already have the advantage for the future: they won’t be afraid of the new technology and will have less difficulties in tackling technical issues which will help them also in the job market when they’re adults (the employers will prefer a “My PC kept crashing, so I unistalled the app and changed persmissions in the firewall” kind of person to “Umm… Reboot? How do I do that?” one πŸ˜‰ ).
    And since you and your eldest will be both killing Orcs, I see some family bonding there, so how come people claim video games destroy relationships? πŸ˜‰

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    • exactly. I honestly don;t understand the hate that video games get. It makes no sense to me. I also love that it’s not about her gender yet, and I sincerely hope that when she gets older and starts playing stuff with her daddy, she knows how to deal with the few skeevy guys who will go after her. Because I know it happens. I just want her to be smart and mentally prepared I think it will help that she is so kickass, hopefully they won;t doubt her just because she is a girl.


  2. I actually couldn’t agree more with your post! I’m all for electronics and video games, especially when they’re tied to education. I’ve been a gamer since I was 4, and I can’t imagine not sharing that with my kids. There’s nothing wrong with using electronics to aid as teaching tools or killing some orcs and zombies on some games. ^_^ I personally find it very stress relieving. Great post!

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  3. I grew up playing video games with my friends, but we would also play outside and let our imaginations run wild. I have a four-year-old daughter who plays on her iPad and watches TV through Roku. Some of the program’s she witches are entertaining and informative. They teach communication skills, having respect for the environment, enhance math and reading skills. She also loves being outside and doing crafts with her mom and Nana. Sure, it’s easy to sit a child in front of the TV to keep them occupied, but there’s a balance that I think children are attuned to. We have to sometimes let them be.

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