Encourage it all

I’m sitting here, my laptop on my lap, trying my best to come up with something to blog about this week. My brain is mush this morning, it is certainly a Monday. Beside me I have a empty coffee cup that has not done it’s job, I’m going to need more, and my oldest daughter. I ask her what to blog about and she spouts off a list of her favorite things: animals, books, Minecraft. All fun things, but aside from books, not things that I am super passionate about. I mean I do love animals, but despite her many, MANY attempts to get me into Minecraft, I just can’t. There are Doctor Who mods for it, we’ve looked at them and talked about them, and even though I love me some Doctor Who, it still doesn’t get me interested in Minecraft.


The thing is, I AM interested in her. Every day she amuses me, annoys me, and astonishes me. So despite my distinct lack of love for Minecraft, I still watch her play. And talk about the videos she watches on YouTube. And I play with the toys. Because when you love someone, you encourage them. Even if you are not a fan of the things they love, you still encourage it all. It’s a fabulous part of the human condition, disagreement. I love you but I don’t love the things you love. I know there are some people who don’t handle that well, who demand that because it is important to them then it must be important to you. I disagree with that (see what I did there?). I think the best part of loving someone, whether it be spouse, child, friend, or stranger, is loving them despite the disagreement.

So in that vein, I watch a ton of Teen Titans Go, and listen to play by plays of YouTube videos on Minecraft. But the converse of that is, she listens to music she wouldn’t pick out herself, and reads books I suggest even though they are not about Minecraft (gasp!).  So I guess the moral of this post is: encourage the love, even if it’s not something you love. (ya know, unless it’s illegal.)


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