Summer Reading

It’s that time of year. The four weeks of the summer when my oldest child devours books like they were manna from heaven. It’s The Summer Reading Program! And for four weeks my girl reads everything her and I pick out. And while this is not a new thing, she’s a great reader normally, but not twenty five books a week. Yeah, you read that right, twenty five books a week. And it could be more, that is the one time lending limit our library has. Even I, in my most ardent reading phases, I cannot remember reading that many books a week. But this is the second time she’s done it. And she’ll probably do it until she ages out of the program.

I love that for these few weeks, it’s all “Momma can we go to the library?” and “not right now momma, I’m finishing this book.” It makes me happy to introduce her to some of my favorites from the age group, like Amelia Bedelia (which she devoured!) and Little Critters books. I always hope that she continues to read with the same speed the rest of the year but it always falls off. And  that is okay, 100 books in one month is a lot. So if for the rest of the summer all she wants to read is comics, I’ll be okay with that. Because encouraging her to rest from a huge book gorge is just as important as encouraging her to read.

I hope that your kids get the joy of the summer reading program wherever you are. And don’t forget to rest after such a huge accomplishment. The library will still be there the next time you need it.


4 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. My daughter’s at Amelia Bedelia age, too. She’s also reading some Geronimo Stilton. My oldest is on a reading binge. He’s tearing through the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. And they’re all signed up for multiple library programs. I love seeing them love reading!


    • that is amazing!! My oldest is only 7 so she’s just now getting into the meaty stuff. Although we’ve found some really beautiful picture books lately. I can’t wait for her to start the Harry Potter stuff, although we’ve seen the movie so many times I worry she won’t actually want to read the books.

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