People are good.

Every day, all over the news, you hear how horrible the world is. Wars, corrupt politicians, greedy companies, they are all that you hear about. It has gotten to the point where the old refrain, that people are basically good, has gotten lost. I’m often labeled naive because I still believe it. In my everyday life I still expect that people will be nice and kind. The other day I was given proof that I wasn’t wrong. I did a thing, something that would not surprise you if you knew me personally. I lost my wallet. I didn’t even know I lost it. Not until I got a call from my bank that a lady had brought it to them.

Now this lady, I will probably never know who it was, but she is my hero. The road in which she found my wallet is generally full of traffic, so for her to notice my wallet and then get out of her vehicle and walk into a main road to retrieve it, is a nice gesture on its own. But for her to then bring it to the bank, after grabbing everything that had fallen out when it had gotten run over, as well as an extra quarter that happened to be by it, that is above and beyond.

I wish I could thank her personally, but that will most likely never happen. So I wanted to let the world know. There are still nice people out there. Despite what the news and internet would have you believe, people are good. Try to remember to be one of the good ones, and maybe someone will be good to you.

*the picture is my wallet after it had been run over. I loved that wallet.


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