I’m a little late getting my weekly blog up. You see I had a dentist appt this morning. For days now I’ve been a bundle of nerves, expecting the worst, tears threatening at every turn. I know many people out there have a fear of the dentist, whether it’s because of a bad experience like me, or something else, it’s a real fear a good amount of people deal with. The thing is, in reality, my expectations were unfounded. I had probably the best dental experience that is possible. I’m still amazed quite frankly, at how not awful it was.

But here is the thing, expectations, they can get the best of you. You expect the best, and something bad happens. You expect the worst, and are pleasantly surprised.  It is not often that what you expect to happen actually does. And this bleeds into my writing career as well as dental appts. I fully expected to write romance novels my whole writing career, if I ever had one. So far I have written romance, but I also have a pen name (tee hee) for YA and MidGrade, genres I never expected to attempt. Every day I sit down to write, I expect to write a certain amount of words, I hope for that elusive word count, and it never happens. I write with two kids at home, a husband, a dog, two cats and now four kittens. Writing is limited for the summer and that is okay. I don’t expect to get a lot done, maybe that means I will.

So I guess my point is this: Don’t let the expectations get you down. Be open to being pleasantly surprised. Or, and this is almost as important, be open to fail. Because when you fail is when you learn,and you always want to keep learning.


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