The Golden Rule

You’ve all heard it. The Golden Rule: treat others how you would be treated. In simple words: BE NICE.  I think on this day especially, a day in which we should be thinking and remembering those who have fought and died for our freedom, it is important to remember the golden rule. It’ not a hard thing to do, to be nice to people. But it seems to be a declining practice. Whether it be a group of people disrespecting soldiers coming home (which I will NEVER understand), a group of people who can’t handle differing opinions, or a pair of sisters who would rather irritate each other (and their mom). I will admit that I am naive in this. I am nice to people, even people I don’t necessarily like. So I don’t see why everyone else can’t manage it.

It is hard for me sometimes to not jump in, mostly in a group of adults, and knock heads together. I want to remind each and every one of them, not so gently, the importance of being nice. But I don’t, because it’s not my place. My kids however? They just got this conversation, standing facing each other, I told them: This is your only sister. You do not get another one. So be nice, and if you can’t be nice, say nothing. The silence lasted ten minutes. It was a beautiful ten minutes.

I’m absolutely positive that I will have to do it again, and again, because they are children. The adults don’t have that excuse.

So please, be nice. To each other. To strangers. To people in uniform. To yourself.


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