Children’s Book Week

Hiya!! Today I’m talking children’s books. I love them. Do you? It may have something to do with me being a kid at heart, or liking pretty pictures. It could be that I love the simplicity of them, or that I have two young daughters so they are constantly in my peripheral. I’ll give you a hint: it’s all of those!

To me children’s books are like cartoons, I love them and am glad I get to use my kids as an excuse to still be enjoying them at my advanced (see: I am old) age. Whether it be picture books like Dr. Seuss or Golden Books, or those first Step 2 and Step 3 chapter books, they all bring me happiness. The happiness in knowing that I am raising girls who read; who have a love of stories.

bookshelf(my daughters bookshelf. well, one of them)

I have such clear memories of books when I was young. My first love; Alice in Wonderland, and then there were the Serendipity books, the Babysitter Club books, and then my mom’s Harlequin Romances I used to pilfer when she wasn’t looking. Every step of my life, books have been there. And now as an author, I am living the dream of my words being that to a kid. That journey to a new place. That piece of magic that makes them fall in love with books. And really, is there anything cooler?


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