A little bit more about me

Hey there! Glad you could make it. Hope you stay a while.

You and me we’re friends right? You want to hear a secret? Ssshhhh, lean in real close and I’ll tell you.


My name really isn’t Sherilyn Putnam! What you ask? The disbelief, I’m sorry. It’s a pen name. A carefully crafted alter ego so that I could publish books of a less adult nature than my normal fair.

You see I didn’t start out my writing journey to write mid grade or YA books. I started out in the adult genres. As I went along though, these stories, they crowded my brain until I got them out. Then I had a dilemma. What to do with them? I couldn’t very well publish them under the same name as my adult stuff, so the search for a pen name began. Earlier I called it carefully crafted, that might be a fib. If you know me, you can guess where the name came from. It’s not a real hard stretch. And that is fine. I wanted the pen name I choose to have meaning to me.

I know for some it might be a tad annoying to have to follow me under two different names, and for that I am sorry. I truly hope that if you follow my main writing attempts, then you will stick around for this new venture I am taking. I am quite proud of the work I do. It might be a bit before the first is out, bu I am continually working, and hope to have some news on that soon.

I guess this is all for this Monday morning. Time for a second cup of coffee and to play Frozen with my toddler. Hope y’all have a great day, and week.

Cheers, Sherilyn


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